Texas Twister (2024)

In a small, tight-knit community, Frank, a dedicated worker, begins to experience strange and unsettling visions. These visions come in the form of a violent tornado, unlike anything he has ever witnessed. The tornado’s appearance is otherworldly, radiating a light that seems almost divine. Frank is convinced that he is witnessing a message from God. These experiences start to consume his thoughts, disrupting his daily life and routine. He becomes increasingly preoccupied with understanding the significance of the tornado and what it might mean for him and the town. Follow Flixtor Action Movies for more.

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Title: Texas Twister (2024)
Genres: 2024 Movies | Action, Crime, Drama
Director: Brett Bentman
Writer: Brett Bentman
Stars: Noel Gugliemi, Jamie Bernadette, Paul T. Taylor

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